Hyaluronic Acid %100 Pure

Most effective natural anti-aging serum 
Usage: Applied as thin layer to eye area, above upper lip and forehead 1-2 times a day. 
In case of eye contact rinse with plenty of water. 

Supports to repair and smooth the skin 
Hyaluronic Acid is a natural and anti-aging substance which is exceptionally important due it’s ability to hold vast amounts of moisture. It helps to leave skin hydrated, plumped and glowing. It supports correcting fine lines and wrinkles that appear with aging skin. 
• Diminish wrinkles and give youthful rejuvenation • Reduce the noticeability of acne scars • Maintain the skin’s elasticity and structure, prevents against skin aging • Enhance to produce, synthesize or use collagen (if collagen level reduces, the skin loses its elasticity) • Helps wounds heal faster by regulating skin irritation and inflammation • Increases skin cell production (When skin cell ages, mitosis cell division decreases and cell renewal rate slows down. Hyaluronic acid reverses the process) 

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