Klaproos 50+ Spf Sunscreen Body Lotion

With high protection factors prevent aging and pigmentation due to sun rays. It helps to soothe the skin with allantoin and chamomile extract. It is ideal for all skin types, water and perspiration resistant and free of paraben, fragrance, alcohol and color.

Usage: Applied as thin layer to clean skin before going outdoors and reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

Allantoin supports of cell renovation and repair of skin. CHAMOMILE
It helps to heal skin diseases, skin rash, acne and pigmentation. It provides more elasticity and makes the skin tighten.
Vitamin E increases the production of collagen that gives skin elasticity to prevent against the signs of aging and strengthen the ligament.
It makes the skin soft and smoother by increasing the skin’s hydration and helps rejuvenate.
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